In September of 2009, I began a multi-year Walk of Inspiration Across America.

I’ve walked five thousand circuitous miles, from my home in Washington State, all the way to the Atlantic sands of Coney Island, New York, which I reached in 2014. That said, after walking thousands of miles across 19 states, having been born and raised here in Vancouver, WA, I realized that only about the first four miles were here in my home state of Washington. I therefore have decided to take countless local walks, which will bring me much more in touch with my home–and do my part to deliver a much-needed message of inspiration here as well :)
If you’d ever like to join me for minutes or miles as I complete countless walks here in the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area and the greater Pacific NW, simply contact me.
Having taken countless steps across America, I hope to inspire you to take strong, positive steps forward into greater personal growth in your life.

(Note: I’ve altered my pace from twenty miles daily)

  I’ve also given interviews in Spanish & Portuguese, two other languages I speak:

The Route